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What We Do

Asset Management

We specialise in asset management and viability planning applying the ISO55000 framework. This enables our resource and procurement planning to ensure investment in key assets.

Project Management

Our project management processes have been developed and tested on our wide range of complex, fast paced projects. We adopt ‘as soon as possible’ not ‘just in time’ principles.

Independent Certification

We have provided independent certification services in both the UK and Australia covering thousands of assets and billions of dollars of property investment.

Multidisciplinary Collaboration

Collectiveight create a 'one-team' approach through effective governance, procurement strategies and project based facilitated workshops which build trust and focus. We can assess and enhance your teams collaborative maturity in line with ISO44000.

Facilities Management

Our team have direct experience of delivering facilities management services. We ensure that our decades of experience align to ISO 41000, the new international standard.


Collectiveight work with a team of associates with similar values, using our collective skills to proactively define and deliver your projects with best practice outcomes. Our team pride themselves on thinking strategically, finding ways to add value to our service provision, whilst ensuring all aspects of your project are delivered successfully. We have delivered numerous large and small scale, complex government and private projects with outcomes that have exceeded our clients expectations and saved them time and money.

Our Team

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Our strength is bringing together and managing teams of like-minded individuals, so you benefit from the multiplier effect of our collaboration.
Collectiveight Pty Ltd was founded by Jacqui and Paul Blenkinship,  with the desire to proactively define and deliver projects with best practice outcomes.

Our Clients

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