Asset Management


The Why

Every business that owns a portfolio of property assets is involved in asset management, the question is how actively they are managing those assets and are they maximising their return on investment. Collectiveight design and implement agile asset management systems for our Clients. We have considerable experience in delivering outstanding results for our clients internationally.  Our processes align with our Clients’ needs and the ISO 55000 framework.

Our asset management implementation begins with identifying the key  stakeholders needs, assessing these against the corporate plan and organisational objectives, to develop a strategic asset management plan. These form the Agile Asset Management System which will allow your organisation to forecast the financial viability of an asset across its lifetime (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Living Asset Management

The how

Agile Asset Management System

Asset management implementation is an iterative process. We proactively review each stage, identifying gaps, developing delivery strategies and work with Clients to implement the whole process. Our expertise is in developing and implementing agile asset management systems and enable your organisation to forecast the viability of an asset across it’s lifetime

This has enabled our Clients to benefit from value driven savings; in one example a saving of 38%, millions of dollars, plus enhanced specification and warranty conditions, for the replacement of one component.

Figure2: Collectiveight 2018


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