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I’ve worked with a Jacqui on a number of large scale, multi-million pound housing refurbishment schemes across the UK. Those projects were all commissioned using standard forms of partnering contracts, specifically PPC2000 (as amended) and TPC2005 (as amended), both of which are highly regarded by the UK Government following their recent Trial Projects programmes.

Delivering construction projects using collaborative working and strategic partnering requires skilled and competent ‘Partnering Advisers’. Their role is to ensure every member of the team whether they be client, contractor or consultant works together effectively, that they share their expertise for the benefit of the project and solve problems jointly. Consequently, projects delivered using the proper application of strategic partnering in the UK have been proven to consistently deliver savings and complete on time.

By way of a brief background, I am a director for Savills, an international property management firm and a surveyor working with housing organisations throughout the UK. I am an accredited Partnering Adviser and chair of the Alliance Steering Group and the Transnational Alliance Group that champions collaborative working and peer group reviews across the UK and Europe.

Jacqui worked with me on several projects as Partnering Adviser where among other things, she chaired collaborative contracting workshops, conducted 360 degree reviews of the project team, identified risk and removed delivery ambiguity. Her work on bringing the teams together and working with them to define their roles, responsibilities, tasks and actions has been first class and delivered real results.

Jacqui is highly skilled and competent and is able to deal with people with charm, grace and wit that she applies in equal measure to senior directors and project managers alike. She has an easy, warm manner coupled with a sharp professionalism that meant she was a pleasure to work with. 

I have no hesitation in recommending her. Anyone lucky enough to engage Jacqui on their projects will benefit enormously.

Shane Hughes | Director


I have been asked to provide a testimonial for Ms Jacqueline Blenkinship and her effectiveness as a specialist consultant. I first met Jacqui in 2016 when she was employed by North Projects. North Projects is a specialist consultancy for construction and infrastructure development projects throughout Australia.

As a representative of a large social infrastructure fund based in the UK, we were delivering a major infrastructure project here in Australia, value circa $650 million. The client was getting very nervous that the project would not achieve key contractual milestones and the credibility of the D&C contractor to effectively align the required completion documents with actual field documents was worsening by the day.

A considerable level of resources was being thrown at the issue and to assign even more resources we believe would not have delivered the desired outcome. The approach taken was to bring in a single senior manager with a proven track record in the role as Independent Reviewer, Jacqui Blenkinship was appointed to;

  1. Steady the Ship
  2. Re-instil confidence in all stakeholders
  3. Develop master matrix document that captured all data already collected
  4. Develop new Master program based on input from matrix document
  5. Manage and oversight completion requirements

The professionalism, emotional intelligence and insightfulness , Jacqui brought to the project cannot be overstated, as the above points were achieved in days not weeks. It was this achievement and those key attributes which I believe differentiated Jacqui from her many peers in the industry. Given the opportunity I would not hesitate in employing Jacqui directly or via her new entity “Collectiveight”

I am happy to discuss and expand on this brief testimonial

Steve Scott  |  Amber Infrastructure  

Image: Department of finance building management and works

I worked with Paul on the delivery of the PathWest pathology laboratory at the South West Health Campus, where he provided Client project manager services, always delivering clear direction.

Paul has great design and technical knowledge, this enabled him to provide pragmatic decisions in a timely manner to ensure that the project was delivered on time and under budget.

Paul always promoted a collaborative approach and managed multiple stakeholders efficiently, WA County Health Service, PathWest, St John of God, and the WA Health Infrastructure team for Commonwealth grant and reporting requirements.

John Thompson  |  Project Manager Building Management and Works


North Star Housing Group (UK based) has worked with Jacquie as a consultant on a range of asset management and investment planning reviews and projects. Jacquie is an expert in the field of assets, and assisted us to better understand our properties that led to improved focus on investment and the releasing of capacity. We now have a very robust and reliable asset management strategy and stock condition information and a return on assets model with highly effective planning. Jacquie blends her expertise, with helpful challenge and organisational understanding.

Angela Lockwood  |  CEO North Star Housing Group

durham housing group2

Durham City Homes asked Jacqui to help us with a root and branch review of our approach to asset management and then work with us in developing and delivering an action plan to deliver the improvements that were identified.  She worked with us in completely overhauling our approach to stock condition and programme development, procuring delivery partners and ensuring statutory and regulatory compliance.  Her in-depth and comprehensive knowledge helped guide us through this process, while her supportive and practical approach ensured that it was implemented in a timely and efficient manner that was never forced and with a minimum of friction.  She is particularly good at working with teams of people to identify the best way forward for the group, not imposing her own agenda and is very strong in knowledge transfer and developing teams to deliver their best.

Simon Bartlett  |  Head of Housing Operations

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Jacqui & I became involved in the Central Park Perth office consolidation project in December 2016, with myself on the client side – it was a critical point as the Stage 2 construction tender RFPs were about to come in, timing was tight for delivery of this fast-track project by December 2018, stakeholder expectations were very high and the change management aspects of the project were highly challenging given the shift from traditional to an agile working environment. Two years on and thanks to Jacqui’s inspiring leadership, technical and PM skills, the project was delivered on time, within budget, minimal variations, no HSE lost-time incidents and with great feedback from the end users.  Jacqui’s personable communication style and ability to motivate, direct and support the team through all phases of the project from design to completion, enabled a smooth handover and a clean financial closure. I am more than happy to recommend Jacqui to others who are thinking of bringing in Jacqui to manage a complex build project as she will not let you down.

Bill Jones  |  Principal Advisor – Real Estate, Procurement


Coming new into a key role, late in a project that’s under some stress and at a critical stage is not usually a recipe for success.  However, with a calm, professional and collegiate approach Jacqui very quickly became trusted and played a vital role as Independent Certifier in keeping the key stakeholders working together to achieve Commercial Acceptance on time.

Being able to get into the detail and work alongside the foot soldiers yet be strategic with project principals– and how to flip between the two approaches, is a rare yet very valuable skill in project management that’s not seen amongst most consultants.  Thankfully for us and the project, Jacqui possessed it in spades.

Good project management requires high emotional intelligence that is not easily taught, nor does it naturally accumulate with years served.  Jacqui brought this key attribute to bear very quickly on our project and to great effect.

Project Director  |  Amber Infrastructure Group

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